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Robert J. Del Col

An Attorney Concerned For Your Welfare

Robert J. Del Col is the principal who heads up this boutique law firm. Bob is 52 years old and attended law school at Hofstra University School of Law and loves taking on "big brother" and "white-shoe" firms.  He is an accomplished criminal defense, matrimonial and civil litigator who prides himself in his Courtroom prowess, unique writing skills and unmatched concern for the welfare of  those entrusted to his care.

Hundreds of Cases Tried; Even Unpopular Cases

Because of his dedication to the preservation of our individual freedoms, Bob has taken on perhaps some of the most controversial cases in Long Island's history. For example, there was the "Mexican day-laborer" case, the "9-11 Firefighter" case, the "Grandma-rapist" case and even the "Boy Scout rapist" case. The point is, it's not the Defendant that matters, it's not the crime that matters, sometimes it's bigger than that; it's our way of life that matters!

Bob has tried hundreds of criminal, matrimonial, custody and civil actions and is a well respected presence in the Courthouse. Even when dropped into the unfamiliar surroundings like an out-of-state case, it’s not long before everyone involved reaches the conclusion that Bob is a “real pro”.

A Lawyer With Your Best Interest At Heart

Bob Del Col has the total package insofar as litigation is concerned. He has profound research and writing skills, can take control of a Courtroom, hold a jury in the palm of his hand and always has the client’s interests at heart. Bob is a unique lawyer who is committed to the law and reaching a fair and just result. In short, he’s a “lawyer’s lawyer”.

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