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Attorney Payment

Working Tirelessly For You

The point is, like Abe Lincoln said, “a lawyer’s time is his stock in trade.” This means you pay for the intangibles, like time, experience, Courthouse reputation, a “fear factor” and other qualities you just can’t see.

Being a lawyer, and by that I mean a trial lawyer, is a unique profession if, that is, you want to be good at it.

Look, I know, probably better than anyone, most lawyers just don’t care. They are about “the money”. I, on the other hand, suffer from an affliction that causes me to form deep bonds with my clients which, in turn, makes me work tirelessly for them. I can honestly say, over the past 20 years, I’ve never taken a “real vacation”. Even at Disney World or when visiting Italy, Ireland or Greece…I work. I often tease my clients by saying, “you came on vacation with me and didn’t have to pay for the airfare”. 

Giving Our All For Paying Clients

Famed trial attorney Clarence Darrow is known for the following vignette:

A woman approached Darrow after he won her an acquittal in a criminal case and said, “Mr. Darrow, I don’t know how to thank you for what you’ve done.” In response, Darrow said, “Madam, since the time the Phoenicians invented the concept of money and currency, there is only one way to thank a lawyer.”

Sacrificing Myself Your Case

What I’m trying to say is, I give blood for my clients. I sacrifice and give myself over to protecting their interests and in return, they show their appreciation by paying me in commensurate with my skills, experience, reputation and dedication.

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