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An Appeal is Your Last Chance at a Second Chance

A wise and experienced Appellate lawyer once stated, “the verdict at trial is not the end of litigation, it’s the beginning”.

This works both ways. Sometimes you’re attacking a loss and sometimes you’re defending a win. In either case, you need a lawyer to properly handle the appeal.

Legal Research Can Help Your Appeal

Let's be direct, we love to write and given our ability to sit for hours with a yellow pad, a cup of coffee and a stack of legal research makes us well suited for Appellate practice. we have been retained to argue and prosecute appeals in every Appellate department in New York State, the New York Court of Appeals, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

Experience In All Types of Appeals

Our experience in appellate practice ranges from criminal through matrimonial and ends with civil appeals. We have years of experience and, with each case, bring all we have to hear in order to reach the correct result.

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