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Criminal Defense

Aggressive Representation For Those Accused of Crimes

We have been representing those accused of a crime since 1991. Over the years we have handled thousands of criminal cases in New York and elsewhere.

Before we tell you about our experience, we must say that we have seen the most "ordinary" people get into the most, let's say unusual circumstances, you could imagine. Our point is, not every criminal charge involves a "criminal".

With that said, we have tried every kind of criminal case imaginable, including indicted felonies, white collar crimes, organized crime cases, gang assaults, violent crimes and conspiracy cases. Moreover, every criminal case, whether it’s a felony or a misdemeanor, is taken very seriously. To us, being criminal defense attorneys is not a job, it’s a calling.

Criminal defense litigation is unique inasmuch as, like no other branch of the law, it implicates the constitutional protections enshrined by our founding fathers to protect us from the abuses so often visited upon those who are merely charged with a crime. we often tell juries, “the constitution was not written to stop some crack-head from breaking down your back door…it was written to protect you from the police kicking in your front door”. The point is, we take criminal defense litigation very seriously inasmuch as it is crucial to our way of life. In other words, the notions embodied in the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments to our constitution can only remain in full vigor and function as designed if lawyers like us work hard to assert them in the early stages of any criminal action. When people ask us, "how can you represent a person like that," we tell them, "wait 'till your kid needs a lawyey;" that usually shuts them up.


Your Criminal Case Will Be Handled With Care

Let's be blunt, if you, or someone you know, has been arrested, indicted or are otherwise under investigation for having committed a crime, you need us or a lawyers just like us to represent you and assert your rights. we can tell you first-hand; there is no bigger bully on the block than your local police force teamed up with the District Attorney’s office. Even more to the point is, if you don’t get a lawyer who knows what he is doing, you’re going to find yourself so far behind the eight-ball that you cannot recover. Criminal cases have to be handled with care, insight and poise.

What separates us from most other lawyer firms is, while we're skilled and experienced lawyers, we've also bookworms who are absolutely fascinated by the Constitution and how it was designed to protect us. Criminal defense litigation is constitutional in dimension. It starts with police encounters, weaves through the probable cause for arrest, search and seizure, search warrants and the Grand Jury Process, and reaches the accused’s right to remain silent and right to counsel. A ham-fisted or boiler plate approach to these issues does a disservice to the client and, as importantly, to those of us who rely on these rights in our everyday lives.


Criminal Lawyers That Will Work With You

Before moving on, it is also a trademark of this firm that we are not jerks. There is a way to disagree with law enforcement without being disagreeable. In other words, while it’s crucial to know your stuff, “likeability” also counts. Being affable and getting along with your adversaries is an important component to being an effective trial advocate. It makes sense that being well liked and well respected are what a person charged or indicted needs when they walk into Court.

Finally, we have handled large-scale, white collar crime cases like a 300 count securities fraud indictment (the largest ever in Suffolk County), multi-million dollar mortgage fraud cased, murder, attempted murder, assault, large scale narcotics cases, “mob” indictments, hate crimes, domestic violence matters, D.W.Is, forgery, larceny and everything else you can possibly imagine.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who would trade freedom for safety, get neither”. I would add, “and they don’t deserve it either”. In my view, protecting the rights of those accused of a crime is a public service and a patriotic duty I do not take lightly.