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Experienced, Aggressive Attorney Services

Know this up front. Bob Del Col authored everything you’re going to read. It’s an expression of who we are as a law firm and what we bring to the table insofar as being REAL attorneys and not what some “Webmaster” or "Google Bot" thinks you want to hear or find.

With that being said, there’s an old expression: “Lawyers and Doctors make money off of other people’s misery”.  Truth be's true.  It's just a fact of life. But, if you’re looking at this website, you’re probably in some kind of trouble or a loved one is knee-deep in hot water. You need someone who is not going to blow smoke up your...

So, let us introduce ourselves and give you the information we think you need in order to decide whether or not you want a law firm like ours to handle whatever it was that brought you here in the first place. We say ‘want’ a law firm like ours because, whether you know it or not, if you’re looking for a lawyer on the web, you already ‘need” a law firm like ours. 

The way we figure it, by reading our straightforward presentation, “if you don’t like our peaches, don’t shake our tree”!


No Nonsense Litigation

We have the well-earned reputation as  “hard boiled”, “no nonsense” litigators who knows our way around the Courtroom and, for the most part, Judges and jurors love us for it. We have an open, honest and affable demeanor, but have the skill, knowledge and experience necessary to brace up any adversary that threatens my client. We're not a law firm to be trifled with.


Experience Counts, and We Have It

We started our practice in 1991 and, since then, have litigated to verdict hundreds of criminal, matrimonial and “high end” civil cases. We're known by many as the “lawyer’s law firm”. In other words, when other lawyers get arrested, divorced or have a tough trial ahead of them, it’s not unusual for our firm to be brought into the mix. 

When people ask about our firm, the most likely response from any lawyer who knows what they’re talking about is: “They're a real trial law firm”.

Strategic Litigation

Being a trial lawyer means much more than actually trying a case. It involves motion practice, framing out winning legal arguments and perhaps most importantly, mapping out a successful litigation strategy. 

In our experience, winning and losing a case depends on how the case was handled from the very beginning. The point is, if you want to win, you really have to know your case, be nimble with the law and persuasive in Court if you want to win.

About the Founder of the Law Office of Robert J. Del Col

Bob Eats and Breathes Legal Research

"One day, I was standing with a group of lawyers in a criminal Courthouse, including elders in the legal community, when someone or another obscure point of contract law was being discussed. 

After listening to the debate for a few minutes, I had heard enough. I gave everyone the answer and simply walked away. 

As I was leaving, I overheard an Assistant District Attorney ask, “He’s a criminal defense/matrimonial lawyer, how does he know that?” 

One of the elders said, “Do you know what Bob Del Col does for a hobby?” The Assistant District Attorney shrugged and said “no”. 

The other lawyer said, “Legal research…don’t argue with him.” Everyone got it."

Bob Plays the Game with a Winning Attitude

"I’ve litigated too many cases to count on my ‘home court” here in Suffolk County, New York but I am quite familiar with the Courts in Nassau County, every borough of New York City and the Federal Courts. 

I have handled cases in Pennsylvania, Nevada and worked on appeals at every level, including the United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.

I’m a non-conformist in the tradition of Ben Franklin and our founding fathers and I am always willing to challenge the status quo and “make law”. In other words, coupled with what others call my “extraordinary trial skills”. I’m a deep thinker who knows the law and if I believe it’s wrong, I’ll work to change it.

Because you deserve the truth, and can hopefully handle it, while you will pay me handsomely, know this about me and amount of money commensurate with my training and skills,  I hate losing more than I like winning. If you’re under indictment, think you’re getting indicted, charged with a crime, getting divorced or have a civil suit that really matters, get in touch."